Cleverbox 16

Want to pack the most data into the same space?

The Cleverbox 16 provides 76+ TB of protected storage for all digital media formats and backup data. This server – one of our most popular models – packs a standard sized case to the gills.

Price: $1,649.99

Technical Specifications

CPU: Dual Core Processor
Max RAM: 32GB
Capacity: Up to 60TB
Hard Drive Support: Green, Red & Black Drives
Gigabit LAN: Yes
Drive Trays: 16 Easy Swap
USB 3.0: No
Noise Rating: Silent

Greenleaf’s tower servers are optimized for advanced home users, media professionals, and small businesses who need massive data storage at an unbeatable price. Dual core (or better) processors and ample RAM empower you to add on software and customize your machine to best perform tasks such as video transcoding, download clients (torrents and newsgroups), cloud backup, and more.

This server features Supermicro’s Intelligent Platform Management Interface, allowing you to remotely administer all aspects of the server (even BIOS!) for truly headless operation (no keyboard or monitor needed).

Our built-to-order servers take 2 - 3 weeks to build and test. You will receive periodic updates by email during the build and testing process. Shipping within the US typically takes between 3 and 5 days, and international shipping can take 14 days or more. Please contact us for a personalized shipping quote for international orders.