About Us

Greenleaf Technology specializes in designing, building, and configuring personal unRaid servers for your home and small business.

  • Our servers allow you to store all of your media and important data in one centralized location, which allows you to both protect your information and access it from all of the devices on your home network (home theater PC’s, desktop/laptop computers, smart phones, etc).
  • Unlike many other NAS devices, our servers are expandable, so you can add more storage as you need it, up to a massive 100 TB! As hard drive sizes increase, so will our servers’ storage capacity.
  • We design, build, configure, and test all of our servers by hand. Learn more about our process.
  • Our servers are under continual research and development, as we are always striving to bring you the best possible product.

Greenleaf Technology began in the aftermath of the “great hard drive crash of ’05″ when Stephen Shumaker lost all his data due to corrupted hard drives. The pain of this experience fueled him to discover the best storage solution available: unRAID servers. He co-founded Greenleaf Technology with unRAID expert and programmer extraordinaire Kyle Hiltner to provide the safest data storage solutions available!