Quiet Fan upgrades are now available!

Quiet Fan server upgrades now available on most Tower and Rackmount server designs!  The following designs are eligible for the upgrade:

  • 12 Drive Eco
  • 12 Drive Pro
  • 15 Drive Eco
  • 15 Drive Pro
  • 20 Drive Eco Tower
  • 20 Drive Eco Rackmount
  • 20 Drive Pro Tower Green
  • 20 Drive Pro Tower Black
  • 20 Drive Pro Rackmount Green
  • 20 Drive Pro Rackmount Black
  • 22 Drive Pro
Note: The 6 Drive Eco, 6 Drive Pro, 9 Drive Eco, and 9 Drive Pro servers are not eligible for the upgrade.  Why?  Because they are already quiet!  No fan upgrade needed.
The upgrade costs $75, which covers parts, installation, and testing.  Fans included in a Quiet Fan server upgrade are covered under the same Greenleaf warranty as the rest of the server hardware.  We are currently working on a new shopping cart system that will allow you to add a Quiet Fan upgrade to eligible server designs.  We hope to have this new shopping cart ready by the end of the month, but in the meantime you can order a Quiet Fan upgrade with your server by simply requesting it in the ‘comments’ section of your order.
A special thanks goes out to ProfQ of the unRAID forums whose pioneering fan research and testing has influenced our own choice of fan upgrades!  You can read about his test results here.  We have replicated his tests in our own lab and come to the same conclusion – the Coolink Swif2-801 is the ideal choice of fan upgrade for any server that utilizes the Norco SS-500 or SS-400 drive cages.  Our rackmount server designs use different but equally quiet fans.
Coming soon: Silent Server upgrades!

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